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Capiz is made form the finest natural material called capiz shells. Capiz shells are widely use for interior decoration. The natural effect of capiz shells to interior designing creates a good ambiance to your home or office. It is processed, cleaned, polished and perfectly cut to make a beautiful material to make wind chimes, tiles, capiz chips, lamp shade, hanging lampshade, capiz curtains. Capiz are also used for interior decorations such as capiz wall coverings, capiz interior decorating, capiz tiles, capiz natural surfacing, capiz shell natural covering, capiz shell netural stone surfacing, surfacing materials capiz and capiz shell wall paper for hotels, offices, buildings and even for your home.

One of the most beautifully-designed lamps these days. Circular-cut capiz shells in their natural color are knotted together to create these lengthy capiz chandelier wind chimes. The strings that are attached to to make a beautiful chandelier lamp is called capiz shell strings. It's height is perfect for front doors, long and narrow windows or for adding more depths in any room. The lamp's dimmer allows you to set the light's brilliance according to your mood.